Amec Group Ltd & Aldershot Army Barracks Sports Centre

We were contacted by Amec to assist in resolving a problem encountered with a swimming pool they had constructed. After construction, there had been problems with water circulation and algae growth located on the side of the walls near the water circulation inlets.

We agreed to try and resolve the issue, working with a diver from the swimming pool company and our own contracted diver. We agreed a three day programme, by which time, if the problem could not be rectified, expensive and disruptive excavation would be required.

Obviously, pressure was on the main contractor as they had a 12 month retention payment which would not be released if the problems were not resolved.

Day 1

Bottom filter covers were removed and High Pressure Water jetting used within the full pool. From the three gullies, at least half a bucket, of what appeared to be, tile grout was removed thus making a start to the water circulation issues.

A CCTV check was carried out with the assistance of the two divers present, to check the pipe condition of the circulation inlet. The pipe varied in size from 100mm at the deep end of the pool to 50mm at the starting point.

Later that day, we found an obstruction within this pipe work, which was both good and bad news, as excavating an olympic size swimming pool which was less than a year old, was not an option in this location!

We discussed the issues and studied the pool pipe work layout, deciding to try and remove the obstruction; pushing the object downstream into the large diameter, bore pipe work, with the hope of removing the object through a pool side water inlet.

Day 2

Using a combination of High Pressure Water jetting, two CCTV cameras and two divers, we managed to slowly move the obstruction into the large pipe work. This was a very slow and painstaking process!

Later on, we were ecstatic when finally we removed the object, which transpired to be a large piece of hard wood! (Please see attached picture.) Our time and effort had finally come to fruition.

This, I have to say, was the most unusual and challenging job we have come across so far. However, it was very satisfying to be able to complete the work for our very happy client.

On a personal note, I actually lost four pounds in weight, due to the humid working conditions. So good news all round!