Grease Traps

It's a dirty job, why do it yourself? Let us prevent a grease blockage before it has occurred...

Is your grease trap smelling, overflowing with mess everywhere? No time to clean it? Don't know what to do? Call us now!

The regular maintenance of grease traps is often forgotten, leaving sites with potentially serious consequences, such as blocked sinks, grease over-flowing from the trap and severely blocked drains. UK Drainage provides a full on-site cleaning service with selected cleaning dates to suit your requirements. The supply and installation of brand new, stainless steel above ground units and external below ground grease traps are part of the full range of services available.

Environmental Health and the Local Water Authority regulators, require you to have regular maintenance checks on your grease traps. Protect your livelihood and reputation. Have yours cleaned and checked today. Call us now!

Services Available:

  • Grease trap maintenance - Under current building and water authority regulations, food premises are required to have a Grease Trap installed within their kitchens. This is to eliminate the possibility of grease and fat, known as FOGS, discharging into the main drainage system. We offer regular cleaning as a one off or as part of a planned, preventative maintenance programme (PPM). Regular PPM ensures that you do not have unecessary or unexpected problems and expense.
  • Grease trap installation - UK Drainage supplies and install a wide range of grease traps to fulfil all domestic and commercial needs. A bespoke design can be built to suit your requirements.
  • Supply of bio fluid - UK Drainage supplies Bio-free plus which is classified as non-hazardous and is a safe and effective drain and pipework cleaner which digests and eliminates grease, fats and organic waste to prevent blockages, slow running pipework and foul smells before they have occurred. The fluid can also be used for kitchen sink outlets, waste pipes, macerators, catering and bar serving areas, waste chutes and bins. It also prevents breeding areas for insects, disease-carrying rodents and harmful strains of bacteria but at the same time causing no harm to the user or the environment.
  • Free on-site surveys


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