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Do not use your drain as a dustbin!

Never place cotton buds, cotton wool pads or plastic, of any kind, into your toilet or drain. Try to avoid flushing wipes; they may say they are flushable, however, they do cause many blocked drain issues!


Grease & Fat

A major problem with drain blockages is very often caused by grease and fat. Try to avoid placing any liquid grease or fat within the drain. It is best to cool the fat, wrap in paper or put in a plastic bag and place within your dustbin. This will save many potential problems and cost.


En suite Bathroom?

En suite bathroom or cloakroom used infrequently? Flush the toilet, run the taps and place shower head within the waste trap using running, hot water to flush clean water into the traps. Completed on a weekly basis, this will remove any nasty smells forming from stagnant water.


Septic Tank/Bio Treatment Systems

Anything that does not break down naturally should not be placed within the drainage system. This includes: Sanitary Products, Cotton Buds, Cotton Wool, Plastic Items & Grease and Fat; these all lead to potential, expensive costs and inconvenience.


Septic Tank

If your septic tank is working correctly, it does not need emptying every year. Contact us for more information. We are always happy to help, with friendly, free advice.



Do not dispose of paint, plaster, tile grout, sand, cement or concrete down the drain. Even washing out buckets is fatal and will block drains & gullies. Be particularly careful whilst builders are at your property; ask them to observe this sensible practice!